QUOTATIONS: A quotation not accepted within 30 days is subject to
review. Copy and materials will be checked with the specifications on the
quotation. Unless otherwise stated, the price quoted is for a single
shipment, without storage. Prices are subject to change without notice.

MATERIALS: Artwork, type, plates, negatives, positives, dies and any
other items supplied by Dedicated Graphics shall remain our exclusive
property unless otherwise agreed in writing. If any of the above are supplied
by the customer, Dedicated Graphics will not assume responsibility for error
in the copy or poor appearance of the finished job.

PROOFS: One set of proofs will be furnished when we deem necessary.
Proofs requested by customer will be charged accordingly. There will be a
charge for each additional proof requested. Any alterations, because of
customer error, will be charged a Minimum of $20.00. Changes or
alterations of original copy will be charged on a time and materials basis.
Dedicated Graphics will not be held responsible for copy, color break,
position, folding, or PMS, colors which you OK. We will correct our mistakes
without charge per your instructions. We regret any errors that may occur
on our part, but will not be held responsible for errors if work is printed and
the customer has marked the proof OK. Proofs out exceeding 60 days will
automatically cancel the order. Normal charges apply to cancellation of

TERMS: All orders billed on credit are NET 30 days and are considered
past due after 30 days. For customers without prior credit approval, a 50%
deposit is required, balance C.O.D. A 2% per month per invoice finance
charge will be added to any invoice over 60 days. No additional goods or
services will be processed until the account is paid in full. Resale dealers
are responsible for their balances due, regardless of if they have been paid
by their clients or not. All additional costs incurred by Dedicated Graphics in
collecting past due accounts shall also be the responsibility of the customer.

ORDER INQUIRIES: All correspondence and telephone conversations
should make reference to our job number.

SHIPPING COMMITMENTS: Every effort is made to meet shipping
commitments. We cannot guarantee delivery on any specific date and will
not be liable for failure to do so. Customer changes to proofs or
specifications may result in a delay in shipping.

CANCELLATIONS: If an order has been partially processed, the cost
of work to date plus any materials specially purchased for the job will be
charged in addition to a flat Minimum charge of $30.00 for clerical and
office charges incurred. Completed or partially completed orders will be
invoiced for the full amount due.

LIABILITY: Every effort will be made to produce your job to the
specifications described in your purchase order, however, Dedicated
Graphics will not assume liability for defective work beyond the price quoted
for your job. Please be sure to check your job before proceeding with any
post-print operations. Disclaimer of Express Warranties: Dedicated
Graphics warrants that the work is as described in the purchase order. The
customer understands that all sketches, dummies, copy, and preparatory
work shown to the customer are intended only to illustrate the general type
and quality of the work. They are not intended to represent the actual work
performed. Disclaimer of Implied Warranties: Dedicated Graphics
warrants only that the work will conform to the description contained in the
purchase order. Dedicated Graphics maximum liability, whether by
negligence, contract, or otherwise, will not exceed the return of the amount
invoiced for the work in dispute. Under no circumstances will Dedicated
Graphics be liable for specific, individual, or consequential damages.

INDEMNIFICATION: The customer agrees to protect Dedicated
Graphics from economic loss and any other harmful consequences that
could arise in connection with the work. This means that the customer will
hold Dedicated Graphics harmless, and save, indemnify, and otherwise
defend him/her against claims, demands, actions, and proceedings on any
and all grounds. This will apply regardless of responsibility for negligence.
Copyrights: The customer warrants that the subject matter to be printed is
not copyrighted by a third party. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold
Dedicated Graphics harmless for all liability, damages, and attorney
fees that may be incurred in any legal action connected with copyright
infringement involving the work produced or provided. Personal or
Economic Rights: The customer also warrants that the work does not
contain anything that is libelous or scandalous, or anything that threatens
anyone’s right to privacy or other personal or economic rights. The
customer will, at the customers’ sole expense, promptly and thoroughly
defend Dedicated Graphics in all legal actions. Dedicated Graphics
reserves the right in refusing to print anything deemed illegal, libelous,
scandalous, improper, or infringing upon copyright law.

PRODUCTION SCHEDULES: Production schedules are to be
established by Dedicated Graphics. In the event that the production schedules
are not adhered to by the customer, delivery dates will be subject to
negotiation. There will be no liability for delays due to state of war, riot, civil
disorder, fire, strike, accidents, action of government or civil authority, acts
of God, or other causes beyond the control of Dedicated Graphics. In such
cases, schedules will be extended by an equal amount of the time of delay.

OVERTIME: It is understood that in some cases turnaround time
must be accelerated. In these situations we will do everything we can to
accommodate you. Sometimes, however, we will have to incur overtime
charges to meet a shorter turnaround time. In such cases, you will be
notified and billed accordingly.

UNDERRUNS & OVERRUNS: All orders are subject to underruns
or overruns of up to 10%. The customer will be charged for the exact quantity
shipped. For orders requiring exact quantity, the customer must indicate so
and a 5% increase will be added to the final cost of the order.

RETURNS: The customer shall immediately inspect the goods upon
delivery and if the goods do not meet their order specifications, the
customer must immediately return the goods to Dedicated Graphics for its
inspection. Any goods not returned within 10 days of delivery will be
deemed to comply with specifications. In the event that the goods do not
comply with specifications, Dedicated Graphics will either replace those
goods, credit the customers account, or refund any monies paid. In no event
shall Dedicated Graphics be responsible for any consequential damages.

SHIPPING: All orders are shipped F.O.B. factory in Huntley, Illinois.
Shipping costs will be added to your invoice. Unless specific instructions are
given, we will use our best judgment as to route and carrier.

SHIPPING CLAIMS AND DAMAGES: Because most shipments
originate from our factory we will furnish shipping information on request. All
shipments shipped via United Parcel Service are insured for a minimum of
$100.00 per carton. If the customer deems it necessary to insure cartons for
more that $100.00 they must indicate so prior to shipping.

CREDITS: All credits, accompanied by a Dedicated Graphics issued
credit memo, may be deducted from your next payment.